riter and researcher Anne Flaherty, a direct descendant of John Kehoe, has spent almost two decades investigating and documenting Pennsylvania’s “Molly Maguire” conflict from the 1870s. Flaherty's presentations include community programs offered through the University of Massachusetts and through American, Fairfield, and Pennsylvania State universities. Publication venues include the Irish Echo and this online blog, From John Kehoe's Cell.

In 2013, Flaherty formed the Kehoe Foundation (www.kehoefoundation.org) to encourage interest in this work. In 2017, she presented “Pennsylvania's 'Molly Maguires': Fact vs. Fiction” at the American Conference for Irish Studies-Western Regional (ACIS-West) meeting in Spokane, Washington. Flaherty is currently completing the manuscript The Passion of John Kehoe and the Myth of the “Molly Maguires.”

In June 2018, Flaherty will present Pennsylvania's 'Molly Maguires': Did a Nativist Environment Hang Innocent Irishmen?” at the national ACIS meeting in Cork, Ireland. In January 2018, historian Eric Foner reviewed these findings. Dr. Foner characterized them as very impressive and convincing.