riter and researcher Anne Flaherty has spent more than a decade investigating the intricacies of Pennsylvania’s “Molly Maguire” conflict. As a great-great-granddaughter of John Kehoe, she brought a family knowledge to this study that helped inform her choice of research avenues.

“It was political,” Kehoe’s granddaughters said of the reasons behind Kehoe’s execution and that of his fellows. Extensive research bolsters their claim. It shows evidence of a populist anti-monopolist movement that centered in Pennsylvania’s hard coal region and flowed outward to embrace a prospective national party of workingmen.

Flaherty has presented at a number of venues, including Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) programs at Penn State University and American University, and Fairfield University’s Irish College 2010.

In 2013, Flaherty formed the Kehoe Foundation (www.kehoefoundation.org) to encourage interest in this study. She offers some of her research at this site while preparing additional manuscripts for publication.